Bring Eyes—and New Readers—
To your ONLINE Editorial and Opinion Pages

Something NEW from NewsArt: 

ANIMATED OP-ED ART for your website. 

It's a new feature of NewsArt expressly designed for newspaper online editions... something to help the Editorial/Opinion departments compete on the distraction-filled pages of the website.  It will do the job op-ed art has been historically asked to do: arouse the curiosity of browsing readers who might otherwise pass you by on their way to the Sports or Entertainment sections.

Even reduced to thumbnail size, and placed on the front page of your site as a "button" link to your section, these animated images will draw the attention of viewers to the Editorials and Opinion pages inside your website... and once there, to your featured editorial or op-ed pieces.

Plus, they can add real pizazz to your columns on iPads, iPhones, Droids, on any mobile device.

This program is brand new, and our artists are just now starting to make them.  They take a little extra time to create, but cost you no more than our regular "still" art. 

You'll find NewsArt's animated op-ed art on the same topic pages you've always gone to.  Just search for the topic of your story, and download in the normal fashion.

At this time our animated op-ed images are animated gifs, and when you download an animated image it will be larger than the screen image, around 6-7 inches in size, and of course, without the caption number. 

NOTE: the animated screen images on these NewsArt pages are set to loop forever.  The for-publication animated images you download are set to loop 15 times or so before stopping, leaving a static version in place.

PLEASE let us know if you have any questions or suggestions of we could make these work better on your your web pages.






To see ALL the animated art we have on the site as of today --the number is small but steadily growing -- click here.

BELOW - a few examples: 

NOTE: for the purpose of displaying the art on the NewsArt pages, they are set to loop continuously, but the default setting for the images you download for your websites are set to loop for about 15 seconds or so and then stop.  (The number of loops can be changed to fit your website guidelines.)



bear market








flying pig


To see ALL the animated art we have on the site as of today click here.