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Donating Old Cars

b1.gif (4039 bytes)        The Dow hitting 10,000 isn’t the big financial story of 1999. No sir-ree Bob, the big story is this new trick of donating your old car for a tax deduction. I’m bothered by that.

I’m all for charities findin new ways to get money in, but something about this smells funny to me. If I got this straight, they’ll take off my hands all the old cars I got, and give me a slip of paper I can give Uncle Sam that says they were in mint condition when I donated ‘em so I can get a big tax deduction. They better hope the IRS ain’t got their computers fixed yet.

The thing is I don’t see that many rusting heaps parked in backyards all over Narberth. Don’t know about over in Lower Merion cause I don’t go there much because gimme one good reason why I should. Anyway my point is I just don’t see a lotta people sittin on bunches of cars they don’t want anymore. And yet this deal has turned into the hottest fund-raising gimmick since someone thought up making you buy things from little kids.

What I wanna know is where’s the profit in it? They got ads everywhere, radio, papers, they even call you on the phone. Last Sunday I had to point out to the missus where there were eight ads about donating your car in one section of the paper. (This whole thing doesn’t bother the missus as much as it does me.) I told her those ads gotta cost a pile a money and how can they be making that much selling junkers to scrap-metal dealers?

Whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind donating a couple of them BMWs that park on my street all week, parking there just to avoid the 50 cents it costs at the station. Believe me, you don’t wanna get me started on that.

Mar30, 1999

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