The Burro of Narberth

Goodbye to Jiggs

"Narberth lost a pretty big piece of its heart last week when Jiggs Torchiana passed away at 86. The way I see it, Jiggs was one of the two most famous sports personalities ever to live in this town (the other of course, being The Commish himself, Bert Bell).

Heck, Jiggs even had his picture in Sports Illustrated, down at the Spectrum manning the goal light at the Flyers. He started goal-judging with the old minor-league Ramblers when they played in West Philly. Then in 1967 when the Flyers played their very first home game ever, who was sitting right there behind Bernie Parent but Jiggs Torchiana.

I guess being a goal judge was a pretty good job for a man as sure of his own opinions as Jiggs was. But he was a lot more than that. He wrote the book on loyalty. And he was about as great a friend as a man could have.

I'll bet up there in Heaven (which, to Jiggs, probably looks a whole lot like Narberth) he's already hooked up with his old breakfast club -- Spike Maguire, Bing Miller, Bert Bell, and the rest of them. I'll guarantee you one thing, they're sure tickled to have him at the table.

Goodbye Jiggs. And thanks for everything."


April, 1997

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