The Burro of Narberth

A Lake for Narberth

"Waitin' out this heat wave got me to thinking about something Narberth doesn't have, never did have, and I guess never will have. I'm talking about a lake.

I know a lot of you south-siders are thinking, heck, you wanna see a lake, just come on by the basement next time it rains, but I don't mean that, I mean a real lake. Maybe call it Lake Sharkey after the mayor. A nice big lake with fish and canoes and frogs and sunsets, and water lillies up where the creek comes in.

Yessir, they ought to grab one of those Montgomery County beautifying grants and put in a lake. Maybe annex a chunk of those Lower Merion woods up the street from the playground and drop a lake in there. It's about time Lower Merion did something nice for Narberth, after we've been lettin' them come in here to watch our fireworks and our movies, and buy stuff for next to nothing at Mapes. No doubt about it, it's the least they can do."

August 5, 1995

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