The Burro of Narberth


   "It's getting riskier to park your car on the south side of Narberth than it is over at the City Line Shopping Center. Of course, here the problem's not thieves, it's trees.  They need to hire some French Canadian lumberjack to go around hollerin Timber!

I hope you've seen that sad little Honda that got pancaked on Chestnut. And just one block over that old blue van that was tree-mangled last month is still cringing at the foot of Merion. The tree was cut up and hauled away long ago, but that sorry wreck is still there, twisted up on three wheels like it’s afraid to put the other tire back down in all that broken glass. (But don’t worry about the neighborhood kids gettin hurt playin around it, they put up a yellow ribbon and a saw horse to protect em.)

Those trees knocked out more than cars, took out the electricity too. But last Saturday night, a little ways up the street from that mashed Honda, they threw a block party by candlelight. Hearing the banjo music and watchin those little kids singing and dancing, it sure don’t seem like this run of bad luck is gettin anybody down.”

June 29, 1998

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