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Paul Lachine

I live in Chatham, a small city in southern Ontario, with my beautiful wife Deborah and our two wonderful children Katie and Michael. 

After dropping out of some of the finest educational institutions in Ontario, I acquired my first real job as an optical lab technician -- hated it. After five excruciating years in the optical lab business, I decided it was time I took a shot at becoming what I had always dreamed of being--a professional artist. 

Self taught, I first ventured into newspapers through editorial cartooning. After several years of freelance editorial cartooning, I decided to focus my career on Illustration.  Following the advice of a kindly editor (thanks Helen Connell) who told me,Why dont you do what those Maguire and Overmyer fellas do?  After building a respectable clientele throughout North America, I finally got the call from Newsart Coach and GM, Barrie Maguire.  
I was in the show!

When Im not at my drawing board I enjoy studying world religions, CART racing (Go Paul Tracy!), Formula 1 auto racing (Go JP Montoya!), Professional Boxing, playing guitar, song writing and recording. (Click here to listen.)

My heroes, after my parents, are Neil Young, Steve Earle, Bruce Cockburn, The Dalai Lama, Dr. King, Josiah Henson, Jim Henson, The Ghoul (legendary late night horror movie host in Cleveland and Detroit), Spongebob Squarepants, Bruce the shark from Jaws, John Wayne (when Republicans were cuddly), the artists of Mad magazine, Terry Fox, Johnny Bench and the whole 70s Montreal Canadiens hockey team- especially Guy Lafleur (met him and was him playing road hockey as a kid), Ken Dryden (was him when playing goalie), Frank Mahovlich and Yvonne Cournoyer- to name a few.

Our yearly nesting doves

The lovely Deborah

Katie and Mikey









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