Who we are and what we charge

The artists on the NewsArt sites are syndicated nationally and internationally. Their work has appeared in Newsweek, Time,  New Yorker, Brill's Content, Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, and many, many others of the world's most respected publications.


All the artists on this site are independent free-lance artists.  A across-the-board per-download fee will be negotiated at the time a password is issued.  Payments are made directly to the individual artist who did the drawing.

In addition, NewsArt charges a flat rate or per-download Access Fee based on 10% of the amount of business you do on the site.  The Access Fee is negotiated at the time a password is issued.

NewsArt artists typically are willing to sell their artwork for whatever is the standard going rate for stock illustrations, and most artists are amenable to flat-rate monthly contracts with newspapers and other periodicals. 

COLOR art is typically double the cost of B&W art.

ANIMATED art is the same charge as color art.  Package Deal: If you run an animated illustration the same day as you run the same illustration in the newspaper, one of the illustrations is charged at the b&w price.

The per-use fee is agreed upon at the time of registration, as well as the NewsArt service fee.

Rates vary widely, but we always find a way to fit within your budget.

SCREEN IMAGES, which is to say the lo-resolution images displayed on screen, are offered at no charge to..individual church groups, in-school student organizations, office and kitchen bulletin boards, sharing among friends, home-made greeting cards, or just for fun. You may save and print out any of the screen images for free.

However, if you want a high-resolution drawing for personal use, you will need to email the individual artist, and he or she may require a small fee. Get email addresses by clicking on "Artists Info" on the website's front page.


SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: Yes, we do many special assignments for newspaper and magazine clients. If you can't find the perfect drawing for your needs on the site, phone or email an artist. (Click on the "Contact Artists" button on the front page of the website.)  All of us can usually turn around an op-ed assignment in 24 hours (We'd prefer 48-72, and have been known to do it in 2.)

WARNING: All drawings shown on the NewsArt websites are copyrighted. You may NOT publish them without permission.