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Tim Brinton

My path to political illustrator began as life vocations often do; a journey from humble beginnings to measured success and satisfaction.

I was born, raised and sheltered in Salt Lake City, Utah. After attending the University of Utah, I combined my energies as staff artist for the Salt Lake Tribune and as freelance artist for seven years until the workload and single parenthood found me stretched too thin.

Making a break with the newspaper, I launched my own agency, (Brinton Illustration and Design) and cultivated my developing talent. After six years of producing album, magazine, and book covers, product illustrations, corporate brochures and annual reports, video backgrounds, life-sized cartoon stand-ups, storyboards and a host of other advertising products – I knew it was time for a change.

One winter day in 1989 while conducting a search and rescue of my automobile from a Utah snowdrift, I had an epiphany.  Four months later, I was on the road to sunny San Diego, California to pursue my dream of becoming a political illustrator and fine artist. At the time, I didn’t realize what a rocky road it would be…I learned it takes a very long time to get established in this business and I learned “ample” savings doesn’t last very long in Southern California!

Over these past many years and with the help of warm-hearted opinion page and editorial editors across the country, I am fortunate to have realized my dream of political illustrator and fine artist; with an added bonus title of “celebrity:”  The STARPAL organization (www.starpal.org) requested my participation as one of the “celebrity” waiters for their annual benefit luncheon.  Below is an excerpt from a recent promotional flyer. With any luck, none of STARPAL’s board members will look-up the word “C-E-L-E-B-R-I- T-Y!

 “Tim’s work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers around the globe, from San Diego to Boston, from China to England and back again. Notable magazine  and book publishers have also recognized Tim’s gift of describing American political sentiment in pictures.

"Originals of Tim’s work grace the
offices of well-known state and national politicians. In keeping with Tim’s typical tongue-in- cheek humor, he adds that his work likely also graces ‘the bottom of birdcages.'…

"Modest about his gift, Tim credits others with his success. ‘Due to the warm hearts of opinion page and editorial writers I’ve been able to do what I truly love.’ He adds, ‘I am truly grateful and indebted to all those who find value in what I do…except for maybe the birdcages.'"

Their flattery earned STARPAL two pieces of artwork for their auction: 

"Weeping Liberty" depicts America after the 9/11 tragedy. Besides appearing in many newspapers, her image was fashioned into a poster by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

"Literacy Block" emphasizes how paralyzing illiteracy can become. The illustration continues to be one of my best sellers.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work on Newsart. If I can be of any assistance for your illustration needs please contact me.

Tim Brinton




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